Pandemic for the iOS

The vastly popular board game Pandemic, which was released in 2008, has been made as an app that can be downloaded for iOS products. It costs $4.99. Pandemic shows how a diseases or viruses can start out small but then snowball out of control. It has better game play if the user is by themselves, however is slightly harder to play solo, which has been the one complaint against the iOS version.

As time goes on it becomes more and more difficult for players to win, so choosing their moves and being efficient are very important. What starts out as a fairly easy game turns tense quickly. Losing the game is a very likely possibility, but that just makes winning so much more enjoyable.The iOS version of the game follows the same rules as the original hard copy game.

Players can join up with their friends or try and save the world alone. It is easier to play with more people because everyone gets unique powers to help win the game and overcome difficult events. Users become scientists that fight against four different diseases that are contaminating places all around the world.

They must work together by taking turns traveling to one of the various locations, treating people who have been infected, while synthesizing possible cures. On their turn users have four option open to them. They can travel to one location to another as long as they are connected, remove one disease from the board, trade cards with any of their fellow players, or research a cure. After everyone who is playing has their turn new locations will become infected ans there is a chance that an epidemic will occur.

Pandemic features seven different role cards and abilities for player to choose from. The iOS application can support games of 1, 2, 3, or 4 players with a pass-and-play option for multiplier. Games can be customized with three difficulties from beginner, to intermediate, to expert mode. For those who have never played the game before Pandemic has an interactive tutorial and reminders that are shown during a game for assistance. There is a clear map so users always know what is going on and even an “undo” feature. Pandemic has the “On the Brink” expansion that can be bought via in-game purchase. It has six new player roles and eight new events that could befall users. It also has the most difficult game setting known as legendary.

The cost of this app is $6.99 but worth it as it is a time tested popular app that will bring hours of gameplay.