Pano iPhone app Review


The Pano iPhone app has been specifically designed for the iPhone and is on sale for right now. This app allows you to take some of the most breathtaking panoramic photos you can imagine. You can do all these straight from your phone with only the help of this app. Check it out and create some beautiful images.


  • The interface on this little app is extremely simple and you will find that you can navigate it and get everything out of it that you want without much of a hassle
  • One of the cool features about this picture app is that you can actually take a 360 degree panoramic picture with the photo options that are available. This would be the equivalent of 16 different photos
  • There is a little guide that is composed of a semi-transparent layer that will help you to make sure that you line up your panoramic photos so that they are pretty much perfect
  • This app provides an advanced set of options that will help you to align your pictures better, help you with blending them together, and will also correct any color problems that you have through the use of specially created algorithms. This allows your pictures to be nearly seamless and it will only take a couple seconds of your time
  • Once you have finished one of your panoramic pictures you can save these images directly onto your camera roll so that you can access them any time that you please
  • The final resolution of the photos can be a high quality image that has parameters of 6800 X 800. These are high quality photos that you will enjoy having around
  • If you have to interrupt the picture for any reason (whether it be a phone call, a text message, or anything else) you can resume your picture taking immediately following the interruption


This is a really cool picture app that allows you to take seamless panoramic pictures. It is an original app idea that is a fun thing to have. Panoramic pictures can be really cool to look at when they are done right and this app has specially calculated algorithms to help you do just that. You won’t be disappointed in this app after download.

This iPhone app has been voted 4 out of 5 stars by users that have either tried the app out or actually downloaded it onto their phones. You can use this app for all of your photography purposes and it only will cost you $1.99 to download onto your iPhone.