Phases iPhone app Review


The Phases iPhone app is a really cool way to stay on top of your astronomy and to see the different phases of the moon. This app actually does a lot more than that and will give you all kinds of useful information. You will be able to even learn a little bit about the sun as you are using the app. You can see the age of the moon, the illumination of the moon, the phases of the moon, the rise of the moon, the setting of the moon, and many more things for a lot of different dates and times. You can just choose the city you live in from the database and use the GPS to get even more accurate info for the app.


  • This is a pretty cool little weather reference app because you will be able to get the dates and times for the next 8 phases for the moon. You will always know when they are going to be changing!
  • Using this app you will not only be able to forecast the future phases but you will also be able to view any day that you want from the past
  • You will not only get the phases of the moon but you will also be able to see the age of the moon and also the level to which it is illuminating the sky
  • There is also a lot of other information that you can access in this app including the distance the moon currently is from the Earth
  • You can also view some other cool stats like the actual position of the moon in the sky including its altitude and also the azimuth
  • This app uses the built in GPS on the phone to be able to give you the location awareness information on where the moon will be in the sky


The moon has fascinated people for thousands of years. It is literally this huge rock in the sky that sometimes is full, sometimes can’t be seen and other times i just a sliver in the sky. This app will be able to show you the different phases of this marvelous orbiting asteroid so that you will be able to follow it as it travels across the sky each month.

This little weather iPhone app has been rated quite a few times and has been given an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users. You can also download this app onto your phone for a price of $0.99.