Pic Stitch – A Free Photo-Collage Maker App for iOS Versions 7.0 and Up

Pic Stitch App ReviewPic Stitch is a free photo-collage maker application, available to iOS-supported mobile devices running on versions 7.0 and up. The app serves as a photography tool, well enjoyed by many social network denizens particularly those who love to share their photos.

Developed by Big Blue Clip LLC, Pic Stitch app allows multiple-photo sharing in just a single upload or as a single file attachment, by giving users a set of tools to use in creating a collage out of several pictures. The best thing about this app is that it allows users to enhance, edit, and add just about anything that could make the photo-collage a remarkable piece of framed photo artwork.

Already downloaded by millions of users, Big Blue Clip makes it a point to upgrade this app perennially, adding new share features, and editing tools, as well as aside fixing bugs that tend to affect the app’s excellent performance.

Pic Stitch App Features

Pic Stitch app’s collage tools currently include an array of 245 varying layouts, in addition to a template that allows users to design their own photo arrangement. The options from which users could source photos can be from just about anywhere; from one’s device photo album, from Facebook, Dropbox, Tumblr, Flickr, and Kik, including new photographs taken directly by the device’s camera.

Creating the collage is as simple as dragging a picture from the source to the selected layout , and using the editing tools to resize, to change the orientation, to enhance, to add borders, texts and other effects in order to customize, as well as make one’s photo collage more interesting.

The app has a host of editing tools to offer, starting with the resizing tools to modify the photo aspect ratios, from which there are 15 options to choose; 1×1, 1x 2, 2×1, 3×4, 4×6, 5×7, 9×16, and a lot more, up to 16×9. Users can easily find the editing tools right below the interface, although some have to be installed as an in-app purchase (IAP) or as a freebie in exchange for viewing video film clip of ads supported by Big Blue Clip. Some examples of the app’s IAP offers come in the Borders Pack, which contains the editing tools for rounding the corners of the layout frame, or for changing the width, texture and/or color of the borders. A Pic Stitch app user can also custom-build the design of the borders with stickers and drawings.

Tapping on one of the photos worked on will open the slider menu. Here, they will find tools for photo enhancements, for adding effects, stickers, text, and other customization elements that the app user can apply to each photo.

Hitting the “Apply” prompt will launch the photo editing actions selected, while double tapping on the image signifies a user’s desire to re-do the collage over again. Pic Stitch users who wish to re-do the collage but only to change the layout can still use the photos previously worked on.

Once a Pic Stitch app user is satisfied with the completed photo artwork, he or she can simply tap on “Done” to let the app know that the collage is ready to be exported to wherever it is, he or she wants to send the framed photo-collage.

Users can simply save it to the device photo album, or send and save the file at Dropbox , Evernote, WhatsAppm, or to any application installed in the device that recognizes JPEG images. They can also send and share their photo collage to friends and family via email, or share at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Path, Twitter, and just about any other social network site that allows and accepts photo sharing.

The Pic Stitch app also offers users the option to have their collage creations be developed into actual prints, by sending it to the nearest Walgreens in their area.