Picture Safe (HiDef) iPhone app Review


The Picture Safe (HiDef) – No#1 Privacy iPhone app allows you to separate and organize photos and back them up no matter what they have on them. You will have all of you photos protected by a password and you won’t need to worry about people accidentally accessing them.


  • This app will actually let you create your own storage area that is completely password protected. You can take any image from your personal library, photo album, or internet site and completely protect it and keep it private
  • You can customize a bunch of different folders so that you can keep all of your protected images organized so that they are easier to view
  • There is a slideshow feature you can adjust all of the settings and only put certain pictures inside of it
  • There are advanced controls with this app including the the ability to access the mulitouch features. You can swipe the images, rotate them, and also zoom in on them
  • You can import images knowing that you have the ability to bring in multiple pictures at a time. This feature is actually unique to this app
  • You can also use the camera in your phone to take pictures while using the app so that they are private and secure right from the get go
  • There is a quick hide feature that lets you replace any explicit picture with the photo of a fake spreadsheet or some kind of chart. This is accessed by double clicking the screen
  • There is also a snoop stopper option that takes people who are unauthorized into a safer place where there are just generic pictures of beaches and landscapes and puppies
  • You can access a dual password mode where it will allow access to both the safe picture mode as well as the real picture mode
  • There is an icon on the app for a discrete section that you can put on the device
  • You can also access copying and pasting, bluetooth transfers, and password reminders


If you want to keep your pictures private then this is the app for you. You can create passwords so that no one can see or access the pictures that are on your little phone. You can even take pictures from the app so that they are immediately private. This allows you to have a personal library that is private and customized to you.

This picture security app is rated 4 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users. For being able to secure all of your pictures this app will cost you about $1.99 to download off of the app store.