Pig Shot iPhone app Review


This game is all about launching a farting pig through slingshots and watching him tumble past obstacles. You will have to get as much cauliflower as you can so you can get speed boosts. There are dozens of achievements you can try to get and you can also check out the local and global leader boards. Be sure to challenge your friends and make sure you have the highest score of all of your friends. You can be the go to pig farter if ever there was one needed.


  • The Pig Shot iPhone app is a pretty much a crazy slingshot game where you get to fling around a farting pig. He will roll between obstacles as you guide him down the path
  • Along the way you will encounter all kinds of challenges and obstacles including the wandering farm sheep that just always seem to be getting in the way
  • The environment that you play in is actually really fun and totally random. Not only that the obstacles you have to avoid are just as random
  • This app has been integrated with OpenFeint which means that you will have a ton of different achievements that you will have to try to unlock. This gives you hours of extra gameplay
  • You will also get to enjoy the global leaderboards as well as the local ones so that you can see who the best pig farters are in the country. You can then try to beat their scores
  • You can also see your friends high scores and then try to challenge them through email
  • This app also supports the multitasking of the iOS4


This is a very original game that centers around a farting pig. How can you not love that? You basically get to slingshot him around levels and watch him tumble and roll his way through the game. The game will actually make you laugh and it is pretty easy to play. You just pull and release the slingshot and then grab cauliflowers along the way in order to replenish your gas reserves. Whenever you need a speed boost just press anywhere on the screen and the pig will fart and he will be propelled forward through the level.

This app has been given fairly good ratings and is currently sitting at a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating. You can also download and purchase this app off of the Apple app store for only $0.99.