PlinkArt Android app Review


In the PlinkArt Android app you will have the ability to take a picture of any painting or picture and identify who painted it and what the name of the piece of artwork is. You can also search around through timelines and even share your favorite pieces of artwork with friends and family.


  • If you are an art lover then you are going to absolutely love this app. It allows you to discover new pieces of art, identify art that you love but have no idea who painted it, and also allows you to share all of this art that you end up finding as you are exploring this amazing world of creativity
  • One of the best features that PlinkArt offers is the ability to take a piece of artwork and then immediately identify it. This is a pretty cool feature and will allow you to find information really quickly and effectively
  • All you have to do is just take a picture of any photo or painting that you have lying around and then you upload it to the app. Once you have done that, the servers hosting the app will be able to identify it
  • You can search using a few different methods. These methods include using a timeline feature, or by artist or the name of the picture or painting
  • You can also leave comments on artwork that you find interesting for other users to be able to read
  • Another cool feature is the ability for you to be able to share some cool pieces of art with other people who might be interested or just to send it to your friends and family
  • If you find a piece of artwork that you really like then you can actually buy the reprints right from the app
  • You can learn more about artists and pieces of art using the link to wikipedia information so that you can feel cultured as well as aesthetically pleased


This is a pretty cool art app but there are a few things that it could change and do better. For one, it doesn’t let you find information on any of the modern day artists that are out there. No disrespecting the classics but it would be nice to have some representation from our time period. Because of it’s integration with Google Goggles, however, you can expect some impressive updates as time goes by.

This little art app for the Android is free to download off of the market and has been rated by users with a score of 3.8 out of 5 stars. This is kind of a specific app that will only really appeal to art lovers.