PocketGuitar iPhone app Review


Have you ever been at a bonfire and wished that you had your guitar to impress the people around you? Well now you can carry a virtual guitar with you everywhere you go with the PocketGuitar iPhone app. The PocketGuitar iPhone app essentially turns your iPhone into a mini guitar. This music app has a variety of different features to keep you coming back and playing on it again and again.

You can choose to play an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar, an electric guitar, a classical guitar, a muted guitar, a ukulele, and even an Electric Bass. Once you pick your instrument you can also choose if you would like the guitar to have distortion, delay, chorus, or any other customizable option that you want.

You also have the option of getting lyrics to songs that you are learning and seeing the chord progressions as well. You can choose from a list of different chords and variations of them in the menu and strum away or you can try placing your fingers on the right strings to practice finger picking. This is a very realistic guitar app and you can even choose whether you would like to have nylon or steel strings, both of which will effect your guitar sound differently. Usually if you are playing a classical guitar you will want nylon, whereas an electric you will want steel.

This is a great way to play music when you have a few spare minutes of free time. You will be amazed at the sound quality of the PocketGuitar app and you will also love how responsive the touch screen is when you pluck individual strings.


  • Can turn your iPhone into an Electrical Guitar, an Electrical Bass, an Acoustic Guitar, a Bass Guitar, a Classical Guitar, a Muted Guitar, and even a Ukulele.
  • Has features where you can turn on distortion, chorus and delay
  • There are other editing parameters that you can change in order to get the sound that you want
  • There is a chord list that you can choose from, or you can press your fingers right down on the strings and create the chords yourself
  • You can pluck individual strings for songs that require finger picking


This is one of those fun little music iPhone apps that you just can’t put down. Pretty amazing that they can create a virtual guitar out of a device so small.

Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is currently $0.99 to download.