Primer – A New Marketing App

PrimerPrimer is a visually stunning foray into the world of digital marketing. Users enjoy the simplicity of the minutes-long lessons that break the complex world of marketing into easy to read bite-sized chunks of information. Many experts agree that it’s much easier to learn a concept when you’re exposed to it very slowly and that’s the approach Primer takes to all of its lessons about marketing. They ease you into each complex facet of marketing in a way that’s simple to read but packed full of useful information you can quickly add to your own skill set.

Users have been most impressed by the visual presentation of Primer. Apps that read cleaner and are organized more simply are just easier to use. Once you open Primer, you can do as little or as much as you want. Scour through their rich field of lessons in a few hours or take it a little bit at a time. Keep in mind, though, that Primer is best absorbed in tiny amounts. When you browse over a lesson, you can interact with the app itself or you can join in with the chorus of Primer users who are putting the apps lessons to good use.

Digital marketing continues to be one of the most important forces of industry. An app like Primer is simple to open and use and the information contained by Primer is truly useful for the people that download the app. Interactive lessons make Primer doubly useful. You don’t just passively read over a lesson. You read, analyze, and then put your skills to the test with interactive activities set up for you by the crew at Primer.

The creators of Primer took great care to know their knowledge base well. They have enough information to engage the professionals of the world but Primer will be most useful to people who are new to the marketing game. The lessons are short enough – usually about 5 minutes – to pique the interest of beginners as they journey their way through the world of marketing. By the end of the courses, people will really feel like they’ve had a primer on marketing and they’ll be comfortable enough to put their skills to the test in the interactive sessions the creators have lovingly crafted for those with more than a passing interest in marketing.

Primer is a small application packed full of useful features. It’s visually impressive and engaging for users. Best of all, it’s frequently updated with interesting new lessons and the opportunity to expand and share your knowledge with the Primer community. It’s a nifty little marketing application that continues to delight downloaders with a host of new features and information while at the same time keeping it simple enough not to scare away those who consider marketing a challenging subject. Some of the best ideas are small ones and Primer is just that. It’s a small download full of small lessons that can impact online marketers in a big way.