Raging Thunder Android App Game Review


There are a lot of different racing games out there to choose from, so you want to try and get one that has the right mix of graphics, gameplay, and challenging competition. Everyone knows that Android apps have not previously been known for their racing game genre. The Raging Thunder Android app, however, is the exception. It brings a truly impressive 3D racing game to the Android system and lets you get behind the fastest cars in the industry. This game is fast-paced and is sure to burn some virtual rubber. You have all kinds of cars you can choose, from the muscle cars of America to the impressive imports of other countries. You can battle against CPU opponents, or against time itself. You can replay different courses as you unlock them and try to beat your fastest time again and again.

One thing to note it that this current version of the game does not support the Motorola Droid, or the HTC Tattoo. The developers are working to update the game so that it can work on these phones as well but it will still be a little while before that happens.

All in all, this is a pretty incredible 3D racing game. You will enjoy the incredibly fast turns and the lightning bolt acceleration boosts you can pick up along the way. Get into gear and download Raging Thunder today!


  • An intense and fun 3D gaming experience for an Android racing game
  • Makes full use of the accelerometer so you can turn and tilt your phone to get your car to make turns
  • Can collect a variety of different items throughout the race including small lightning bolts that will give you a quick burst of speed
  • Can also collect skulls that allow you to distract and destroy other racers that are competing against you
  • Many other features available by tapping the right and left screens
  • Many different modes of racing including Single or Multiplayer
  • Can also access the Arcade, Championship, Time Attack, Quick Race, and local races through the Polarbit Network


Polarbit really outdid itself with this gaming app. Bringing the first real 3D racing experience to the Android system is no small feat. They nailed it and even complemented it with smooth gameplay and interface features. The only downside to this app is there aren’t a lot of extra features available. Also the network is not big enough to support online multi-play. For now you will just have to stick to the network multiplayer options that are available.

Voted 4.2 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently has a free trial download.