RC Plane iPhone app Review


The RC Plane iPhone app is a super cool little aerial game where you will be able to fly your very own RC Plane around a peaceful and beautiful country side and all the scenarios involved with that. You will be able to experience some pretty realistic flight and controls and not only that, you will also be able to be visually pleased by all of the cool 3D graphics that are included in the game. These high quality images and animations will be able to amuse almost any kind of gamer. Some of the fun things that you will get to do include flying through a windmill and also a huge barn. There are also some mysterious parts that you will have to fly through as well. You can perform all kinds of stunts in you plane to add to the excitement and fun level of this little rc plane game.


  • The game starts out with the ability to use 2 different RC planes that are all very realistic but then you will be able to purchase up to five more of them within the app.
  • The configurations of the game go between three and four channel configurations to help mix things up a bit
  • You will be able to fly the trainer plane as well as the acrobatic plane without buying anything but there are fighter planes, WWII bombers, and also jest in the in-app store
  • There are also three different camera angles that you will be able to choose from. This includes the follow camera mode where it is behind your plane and gives you the best view angle and control, there is also the fixed mode where you are in the pilot seat and you get the real experience of flying an airplane, and then there is the inside camera where you get to fly it from a camera inside the plane
  • There are two different control schemes including the accelerometer and also the touch controls to use
  • there is a compass and also a mini map of the entire environment so that you can make sure that you know where you are going


Load up in the RC plane and wreak havoc on the plains!

This app has been given pretty good ratings and is currently sitting at a 4 out of 5 star rating. You can also purchase and download this app onto your iPhone for a low price of only $0.99.