Real Trophy Hunting iPhone app Review


Do you love Hunting? If the answer is yes then you will absolutely love the Real Trophy Hunting iPhone app that is out right now. This game is great because it is incredibly realistic and you will feel like you are out hunting big game from the comfort of your own home! You will be able to go all throughout North America and find the most prized animals that the continent has to offer. The thrill and the excitement of hunting these animals is captured very well in this app. This game was actually developed by the same people that have founded the hunting game genre and they also were the ones that made the Real Deer Hunting game.

In this game you will have to have a fair amount of patience, hunting skills, and also work ethic in order to bag a prized animal. You will find yourself in locations that are incredibly realistic and you will be able to go hunting in the Rocky Mountains as you use all of your skills and tools in order to bring down the big beasts of the forest! In this game you will actually be able to use some of the real life hunting techniques and because of that you will also feel the thrill of the hunt. The graphics are amazing, the sound is realistic, and you will see the animals react as they would in the woods. They will run, be startled and look around suspiciously,


  • One of the coolest features of the game is the animals that you will get to hunt. You will love it when you get to go out into the Rocky Mountains and try to take down a full grown Grizzly Bear right out of its habitat!
  • You will be able to user realistic hunting techniques in order to use mating calls to attract your prey. You can get the Bull Moose to call in and then you will be able to take his ten foot antlers home with you (virtually of course)
  • You will have to learn how to track big game so that you can use your skills to find a herd of Elk and take down that big buck so that you can mount the antlers or get a good price for them
  • There are 16 different stands that you can hunt from and they are located all over North America including Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and even some in Idaho
  • You will be able to use binoculars to see your prey and you will have all kinds of zoom and range features that you can use to spot the animals as you are hunting


This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users that have tried out the app and actually played it. The game costs $1.99 to download onto your iPhone.