Red Bull Racing Challenge iPhone app Review


A good racing game will keep you busy and interested for hours. Adding the right amount of speed, skill, and obstacles in each race can help create the perfect racing game. The Red Bull Racing Challenge iPhone app does a good job of bringing all of the right racing elements together to create a memorable racing experience. In this game you will take control of the RB5, the grand prize winning car that puts speed and excitement into the entire racing genre. You can work to beat your fastest times on the track or you can even take on a good friend over the Bluetooth multiplayer mode. There are practice modes as well as tournament championships to compete in.


  • Try and get the very best lap times during individual races as well as during the tournaments and you can show off you trophies over social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • Your little RB5 is unlike the actual cars in that it has a stereo that lets you listen to whatever tunes you want as you scream down the race track
  • You can unlock the Red Bull Team’s video clips as you join and figure out the quizzes that are in the team’s motorhome (the Red Bull Energy Station)
  • You can choose from a variety of different control schemes including the accelerometer and the multi-touch screen
  • The races can be customized as much as you want to create the perfect driving scenario. You can decide what track you will race on, how hard the track will be, and also the weather that will take place
  • There is a multiplayer mode that you can participate in via Bluetooth that allows you to go head to head with a friend and see who is better behind the wheel
  • There this a fun pit-stop game challenge that lets you test how good your reaction time is
  • There are a few different racing circuits that you can race on that are very famous including Australia, China, and even Great Britain
  • There is a practice mode that you can play in order to get the hang of each track before you race in the matches that count. This can help you get the best qualifying time


Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is one of the better racing apps out there for the iPhone. You can get on the iTunes store and download this little treasure for only $2.99.