Rednecks Vs Aliens iPhone app Review


Those rednecks may get a hard time out in the real world but when aliens come to invade, it’s a whole other story. They can defend the farmhouse like it’s nobody’s business. In the Rednecks Vs Aliens iPhone app you will have to stop all of the aliens from coming and ruining your livelihood. You will have to kill your enemies, get some cash, and upgrade your defenses so you can take on the next wave that is sure to be coming in. You will be able to use some pretty cool weapons such as the potato gun, the mayonaisse that never gets eaten, the lawnmower blade launcher, and much more. You really will have to use all of the tricks in your arsenal to preserve Earth from these space invaders!


  • This game has a variety of different weapons and guns that you will be able to use to fend off the green visitors. This includes over 10 different gun types at your disposal
  • Your house is your best defense so you want to make sure that it stays safe. Be sure to use the 7 house upgrades to help you kill the green men
  • As the waves of aliens continue to come in you will have to endure 8 different kinds of them in order to preserve peace and world order
  • There are also three different power ups that are of the special variety
  • When it comes to the guns of the game there are potato guns, lawnmower blade launchers, and even flaming tennis racquets
  • As for normal types of guns you will be able to use the AK-47, the 12 – Gauge Shotgun, and also the .357 Magnum
  • Then there are the crazier weapons that include the likes of the toilet seat, the banjo boomerang, and even some old leftover mayonnaise bombs


This is the perfect storm of red neck goodness along with out of this world alien invasions. We all know red necks have no shame in real life so what wouldn’t they use to try and stave off alien invaders? This is a creative game with decent graphics and pretty fun gameplay. You will have to be smart about your weapon choices and quick with the finger in order to kill them all.

This app has been given some pretty good ratings and is currently sitting at a 3 out of 4 star rating as decided by hundreds of different iPhone app users. The game is also pretty inexpensive to purchase and will only cost about $0.99.