Resident Evil 4 iPhone app Review


In the Resident Evil 4 iPhone app you will be able to take part in the latest of the Resident Evil saga. You will have to gun down hordes of zombies while frantically running around. You will also be able to utilize the new and improved tap interface for the game. The enemies are also much smarter, faster, and harder to kill then the bad guys you have seen before.

The setting for this game is that it is six years after the complete destruction of the location known as Raccoon City. A former rookie cop, Leon Kennedy, is now a hot shot agent for the U.S. who is on an incredibly dangerous mission to try and save a girl named Ashley Graham (the president’s daughter). He starts his search in Spain and runs into some crazy village people who are a part of the cult that took Ashley in the first place. You will have to be smart and quick on your feet to find out who is behind all this madness.


  • This is one Resident Evil game that is not lacking in horror, action, or good story line. You will be thoroughly entertained the entire way through
  • This iPhone game has some of the best graphics that you will see on the iPhone. They have done a great job bringing this 3D world to life
  • You can also view the game from a third person perspective so that you get a sort of panoramic view of everything that is going on in the game
  • The actual engine of the game is more intuitive and unique. You will be able to use laser precise shots to blow your enemies up. Where you shoot them is where they are damaged
  • In order to reload your ammunition all you need to do is just shake the phone
  • If you can make it through the entire game then you can unlock the Mercenary Mode which will let you start out on an entirely new mission that has goals, conditions, and weapons already pre set
  • There are some pretty intense controls that will pop up that you can execute with a single tap


Resident Evil was one of the most popular games on Playstation and it has stuck around through the years. This is the latest mobile release of the game and it takes on an entirely new spin and improves on the graphics quite a bit. The cool thing about this game is that not only is it a fun survival horror game, it also takes into account a pretty in depth story line. This is what a lot of zombie games are lacking these days. If you were a fan of the old games you will probably jump right into this iPhone version. It has had decent reviews by users getting a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating. Because of the incredible graphics and gameplay the game can be downloaded for $4.99 off of the app market.