Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition iPhone app Review


The Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition iPhone app will come to life on your mobile phone as you take your unicorn galloping through the wastelands of bones and bare talons. This game was created by Adult Swim so you can expect a certain amount of surprises as well as some morbid creativity. You will have to go through the levels killing the demons and the pentagrams in order to defeat the evil that awaits. You will be able to listen to a heavy metal soundtrack that was created by the metal gods “Blind Guardian”. So forget rainbows, go destroy some evil forces instead.


  • Stop associating unicorns with things like flowers, fairies, meadows, rainbows, or anything else that might seem sissy or feminine. The truth of the matter is that you won’t find any of those things in this game because this unicorn is all about kicking butt
  • In the heavy metal edition you will see that it has been created and made especially for the iPhone as well as the iPod touch. You will notice how the gameplay and the controls will fit your device perfectly and add to the overall sense of satisfaction you get from the game
  • This game also has the benefit of being integrated with Open Feint so that you can get all kinds of different achievements as you are playing the game. You can also check out the leaderboards that are located with the game. Get online and see who the best players are in the world. You also can compete with your friends to try and prove who the most formidable unicorn out there really is.


Props to Adult Swim for turning a predominately effeminate animal into a killing machine. After playing this game you will never think about Unicorns the same. Instead of the cuddly little magical creatures they once were, they are now mindless balls of destruction that will eliminate anything that comes into their path. The premise of the game is pretty fun and you will find that the controls are pretty to use and understand. Definitely worth the dollar it costs to download the game onto your phone.

This app has been given a variety of different reviews but overall they have been positive. The app is currently sitting at a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and you can currently download it onto your iPhone for a price of $0.99.