SAS Survival Guide iPhone app Review


For some reason we love to always imagine ourselves in the worst situations. What if our car were to stop running out in the middle of the wilderness, our plane were to crash, boat were to capsize, or get lost while hiking. While most of things probably won’t happen to us in such a dramatic manner, it still is always smart to be prepared. The SAS Survival Guide iPhone app takes the best selling book by John “Lofty” Wiseman and puts it into digital form. Lofty was a former SAS instructor and soldier and shows you exactly how to live like the elite British force. This app allows you to take these tips and rules anywhere in the world so that you can make sure that you will get out of any sticky situations.


  • This little app has the full text of the the SAS Survival Guide best selling book that came out. It has been completely redone and optimized for the iPhone
  • There is a video section in the app where you can look at 16 different videos of the different situations and some important survival tips to keep in mind. These videos provide tips from the famous Lofty himself
  • The First Aid section in the app is very comprehensive and takes into account all different kinds of cuts, bruises, diseases, bites, scratches and more
  • You can also learn how to survive in climates with extreme conditions. There are different sections dedicated to the polar ice caps, the sandy deserts, the tropical rain forests, and even being stranded out to sea
  • You can use the small search tool in order to look for a certain topic, chapter, subject, or anything else you can think of
  • There is a sun compass included in the app to help you know how to tell time with the sun
  • You can also access the checklist for survival that lets you check mark everything that you would need to do in order to survive most situations
  • There is a quiz that has over 100 questions that will help you find out if you have the guts to survive horrible conditions
  • There is a small device on the phone that allows you to signal other people through morse code
  • Last of all there is a photo album that contains different pictures including photos of poisonous and non-poisonous plants which will help you know what you can or can’t eat in a survival situation


Voted 5 stars by iPhone app users and was developed by This app actually costs $6.99 to download onto your iPhone.