ShakeItPhoto iPhone app Review


Do you ever miss the feel and look of those instant photographs from a Polaroid camera? Well now you can get that same effect with every picture you take on your iPhone! With the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app you can take snapshots and then shake your phone to develop the picture quickly and effectively. The app includes a perfect processing technology that helps the photos to look legitimate. Spice up your photo library with the ShakeItPhoto iPhone app!


  • One of the best parts about this app is that each and every photo that is on it looks like a real photo that you just took off of a Polaroid camera
  • If you want to quicken the developing of the picture then the only thing that you have to do is shake your iPhone around. This will allow the picture to become visible much quicker then if you just let it sit
  • If you have any existing photos from your library then you can use these pictures with the app and turn them all into Polaroid pictures. This a is a fun way to make your pictures look legit
  • As you use the app you will notice that all of the sound effects sound realistic and would be the same kinds of sounds you would hear if you really had taken a Polaroid and was trying to develop it
  • Once you have edited your photos and developed them then they will automatically save into your phone picture gallery so that you can go back and view all of them at your own leisure
  • This app has utilized some fun technology to make sure that the processing comes out perfectly. Your photos really will look just like a Polaroid picture!


You can never go wrong with a camera app. Every picture you take will turn out different and this is a way to make them look like real photographs taken on a Polaroid camera. If you love the look and feel of natural pictures then you will absolutely love what this app can do to your photo library. Once you have modified your pictures you can do whatever you like with them whether that be for personal viewing satisfaction or emailing and texting them to friends.

Voted 3 1/2 stars by different iPhone app users off of the iTunes store. This app is very simple and only costs about $0.99 to download onto your mobile device.