Sleep Machine iPhone app Review


The Sleep Machine iPhone app allows you to integrate a full featured alarm system along with a sleep timer that can be updated to meet all of your needs. You will have a huge variety of different ambient sounds that you will be able to choose from to wake up to.


  • This alarm clock app has over 79 different kinds of stereo sounds that you can pick from
  • On top of the stereo sounds there are also 71 different kinds of ambient sounds that you can sort through as well
  • If you would prefer an entire track then you have 8 different musical tracks of an ambient nature
  • With all the mixing and matching that you can do with the sounds and music tracks you can make 493,093 different combinations total
  • The control scheme of the app is very easy to use and there are a few different functions that are easy to control including the fading out feature as well as the exit app feature
  • The alarm sound actually has an individual volume measure so that you can control how loud it will be
  • You can set the sleep machine app to have your music selection play for a while so that you can fall asleep to your favorite songs
  • You can choose the alarm clock music and sound to gradually fade in so that you don’t have to wake up so abruptly. You can set this fade in to last anywhere from thirty seconds to five minutes
  • One nice feature is that the app has a huge stop/snooze button so that it is easy for you to just tap the phone and go back to sleep if you need to
  • You can toggle whether or not you want the snooze to be available to you
  • Create your favorite mix that would like to wake up to every morning
  • There are 11 different alarm sounds you can pick from if you would like to go that route
  • You can mess with the dimmer time options so that the clock will stay on for a certain period of time. That way you can use it as a clock by your bed or as a nightlight until you fall asleep
  • You can view this app in either the landscape or portrait modes
  • There are seven different themes for the alarm clock and you can get a variety of different colors
  • You can have anywhere from one to three different sound combinations to play simultaneously
  • This app also allows you to pick your individual volume settings


Voted 4 stars by iPhone app users and costs $1.99 to download. This is the best way to ensure that you get a great night’s sleep.