Slingshot Cowboy Plus Ads Free iPhone app Review


Have you ever wished that you could go out into a field and tip over some cows? Well wonder no more because in the Slingshot Cowboy Plus Ads Free iPhone app you will have the ability to go out on the ranch and cause some serious mischief with your laser guided slingshot. Be careful though, shooting too many cows might cause a stampede of bulls coming your way!


  • This game takes everything that was great about the free version of the Slingshot Cowboy game and now just makes it better and offers even more features for you to take advantage of
  • This game is comparable to that of any game or cartoon put out by Disney. The graphics are all in cartoon form and suit the style and theme of the gameplay very well
  • As far as the controls go, you will have to get used to using the accelerometer to do all of your sling shot aiming
  • As you progress throughout the game you will find that each individual level gets harder and harder so you will have to be on top of your game at all times!
  • You will find that there are three different game modes that you can participate in as you move through the game
  • There are a variety of different mini game rounds that you can play including a bonus round that includes stampeding bulls who are mad and are looking to run you over
  • There are also gophers in the game who carry power ups that you can obtain by shooting them
  • If you need extra help aiming then don’t fear because your sling shot has laser aiming assistance to help you be more accurate
  • There are leader boards online that you can check in order to see how you rank locally as well as how you measure up to other players from all across the globe
  • The free version of the game has banner ads that run across the screen but the Plus version will not have any obtrusive ads for you to have to worry about
  • In the Plus version there are also a variety of new locations that you can go to in order to add some fresh new spins to the game
  • There are also new power ups in the Plus version that you can take advantage of and add to your laser arsenal


This is the version of the Slingshot Cowboy game that is completely ads free but you do have to pay for it. This app costs around $0.99 to download off of the online market and has gathered a total of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users that rated it.