Space Hulk Game App

Space Hulk Game and Apple iOS Phone and Tablet

Space Hulk was an old board game that was so popular amongst boys in the 1980s and it has been recreated by nerds who perhaps had great memories of the wonderfully intense game. It is set in a similar futuristic, grim universe like the Warhammer 40k wargame based on a tabletop from Games Workshop. It is a tight experience all the same and boasts of having tension, elegance and rare simplicity.

It was originally meant to be played by two players but in the iOS version it is possible to play the game against your computer. The game is played by having one player charged with the task of controlling the humans in the game. The game also has space marines that are handful and in armour suits that are massive. The space marines clank around the space ship that forms the title of the game in an effort to try and accomplish their objectives which form part of their quest. The other player has the chance of playing with aliens that are six-limbed, vicious and unlimited in number. The player controlling these aliens ought to try and do his best at overwhelming the guys considered to be good ad ensure that he claws them to pieces.

In a Al player mode, you always play as the aliens but when it comes to the two-player mode, you can play your turn as a baddie. The game is based on turns in order to keep the original fear slow burning with some additional kill animations. It also presents an atmosphere of a camera’s first-person views. The presentation of the whole concept is excellent when used on an iOS port but there seems to be a contradiction on the appearance of the two sides. It seems that the two sides were rendered in differing graphical polish standards. The game’s space marines appear stunning with a juddering baroque machismo and menace perfectly captured. The Genestealers (the six limbed-aliens) appear to be more polygonal and tend to perish in limited animations gun-death numbers, sparking a danger of one getting tired although it is highly unlikely. This is a highly recommended game especially for people who enjoyed playing the old board game back then as they get a chance to relive their memories.

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