Speed Forge 3D Android App Review


There are a lot of different Android app racing games out there to choose from. Speed Forge 3D is one of those Android apps that features some incredible 3D graphics while still keeping the heart and soul of a classic racing game. One of the big things that Android app creators are focusing on is showcasing the graphic chipset capabilities of the Android phones. Not only that these phones also have the accelerometer to capitalize on. This game does a good job of utilizing these tools and putting them together in an action packed hand-held game.

The graphics for Speed Forge 3D were done by the same team that did Colorix, and it shows. As you are racing down the maps and courses you will be amazed at the graphic quality that this racing game boasts. In the game, your goal is to be the first over the finish line. There are other rewards for having the fastest time recorded on the track. You will use the phone’s accelerometer to guide the vehicle as you work to pick up weapons such as missiles and mines along the way. You can blast and bomb the other racers as much as you want, but keep in mind they will be trying to do the same to you too!


  • An assortment of different weaponry, including mines and missiles
  • 3 different levels of difficulty to choose from
  • Physics simulations are very realistic
  • 6 different race tracks to choose from
  • Can pick from three different vehicles
  • An impressive game structure with full 3D graphics
  • Uses the accelerometer to steer the vehicle
  • Impressive background music and even better sound effects
  • Brilliant explosions, and very good response time for an app
  • Phone vibrates with crashes and weapon hits


This game has both pros and cons to it. The pros are that the 3D graphics are amazing and that the accelerometer control is very accurate and fun to use. The cons are the it feels more like you are racing by yourself rather than with a bunch of other racers. The other con is that it doesn’t have a full multi-player mode set up. The racing gets repetitive and it loses it’s value after a while because of the lack of multi-player options. Online competition would be the best way to spice up this game and make it a must have on every Android phone.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 by Android app users and is free