Star Wars: Battle for Hoth iPhone app Review


In the Star Wars universe the civil war is raging. The Rebel base has been discovered by the imperial forces and they are soon ambushed on the planet of Hoth. Lord Vader has issued a command for the galactic empire to attack both from the ground and from the air. Their main purpose is to destroy the main power generator and allow the ships from space to start attacking.


  • This app has a lot of different variety. You will love the 15 levels that are included in this edition of the Star Wars franchise and how much action is packed into all of it. You will have to go into combat to try and take control of the snowy planet of Hoth
  • There are actually two different gameplay modes that you can take part in as part of the game. You can either play the Classic game mode or the Fortress game mode. This gives the game a lot more replay value so you will go back to it time and time again
  • You will also be able to customize your game play a bit with the ability to change up the difficulty levels. You can control how challenging each level is going to be so that you are putting your skill set to the test
  • The music and the sound effects that you find in the game are going to directly coincide with that of the movies. They are completely original and you will feel like you are a part of the movie while playing the game
  • One of the other fun features that is included in this Star Wars app is that you will actually get to watch original video footage so that the game completely comes to life for you as you are playing it on your mobile phone
  • The control system in the game isn’t that hard to pick up and you will find that all of the Rebel Units can be commanded by using the target control. This will improve overall gameplay and help you feel more in control
  • You will also be able to come across many of the units and weapons that are in the original Star Wars movies. While on the planet of Hoth you will be able to see some AT-ST’s and AT-AT Walkers. You will also come across snowspeeders, DF.9 Anti Infantry Batteries, some x-wing fighters, laser cannons, and even ion cannons


You can never go wrong with a Star Wars app. They always seem to put in a lot of extra work to make the game completely worth it. This seems to be the case once again with this Battle For Hoth iPHone app.

This app has been given a 4 1/2 star rating our of 5 stars. You can also download it for only $2.99.