Star Wars: Cantina iPhone app Review


Do you love the Star Wars universe? Then come on in to the Cantina and have a drink!


  • This game allows you to do a lot of things but the main purpose of it is to let you own your own Cantina in the Star Wars universe
  • As you take on the challenge of running a successful business you will have to do all that you can to keep your customers happy. You will need to be quick on taking orders, deliver all of the drinks on time, and just check up on your customers so that you can get big tips
  • One of the fun things about the game is that you will get to see a funny side of the Star Wars universe you haven’t seen before
  • As you make a lot of money in tips you will be able to start adding some legit upgrades to your little eatery so that your customers enjoy it even more than they already do
  • The career mode is especially fun because you will have to follow the storyline and pass all of the harder levels in order to get through the game
  • There is also an endless mode where you have to see how long you can keep up with all of the different customers that come into the store


The Star Wars universe is so vast that there are an endless amount of games that can be created for it. Because of this, you are likely to see more games like Star Wars: Cantina pop up. This game takes somewhat of a humorous spin on the franchise and puts you in charge of your own cantina. You will have to do all that you can in order to take orders from customers, sell them galactic drinks, and also just please them to a point where they leave some huge tips. As you make more money you will be able to upgrade your cantina and these little things will be what really helps your customers feel comfortable and enjoy themselves. There is a career mode that you can access that allows you to go through increasingly harder levels so that you can see how much money you can earn and how upgraded you can get your cantina. You will see a lot of familiar star wars characters and you will love the cartoonish visual style that goes along with the game.

This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and is a must have for anyone that is obsessed with the Star Wars universe. The only main downside to this app is that it costs $2.99 to be able to download it onto your iPhone so it is a bit more expensive than most apps.