Strategery iPhone app Review


In the Strategery iPhone app you will get to try and dominate the world using a variety of different strategies and risk factors. Utilize your offense and defense to be able to create the perfect system for complete control!


  • This is a very challenging strategy game and it will have you thinking pretty hard about your moves so that you can dominate the other players. You will have to use a good selection of both defensive and offensive strategy in order to win
  • The gameplay in the game is actually very addictive so you will have to gauge how much time you spend playing the game. You can either play for a few minutes at a time or you could end up playing for hours on end if you aren’t careful
  • There are a few different difficulty settings that you can choose from and they range from the Brutal difficulty level to the easy difficulty level. Just so you are warned, the brutal difficulty level is especially hard
  • In this app you can take part in the online battles that are on the internet and these battles all have push notifications that you can utilize
  • One of the best ways to play this game in multiplayer mode is to use the pass and play feature on the iPhone. This setup is great because you can have up to five different players at a time
  • There is an automatic save feature that you can turn on so that it will save your game if you have to get off to take a call or text someone back. That way when you are done you can resume the game and play it when you are ready
  • There are a bunch of different maps that you can play on that are all randomly generated. These maps come in four different sizes and and make the game very unique and also very challenging to play in
  • There are a lot of gameplay options that you can mess with to customize the game so that it fits your preferences exactly. These options are nice to have so that game can run smoother for each individual user


This is a fun little strategy app that has been given a 4 star rating by other iPhone users and also costs $1.99 to download off of the online store. This is a really fun strategy game that will provide hours of entertainment. Definitely worth the two dollars that it costs to download onto your phone.