Street Fighter IV iPhone app Review


Street Fighter has been around for years and now is coming to the mobile market. In the Street Fighter IV iPhone app you will be able to play as 8 different fighters in 7 brilliant locations. There are improved graphics and all of the original elements that made this game so popular and fun to play. You can also play multiplayer against opponents over Bluetooth.


  • Finally, Street Fighter reborn on the mobile market! This app will allow you to play as eight different street fighter characters. All eight have their own story lines and are from different locations in the world
  • In the game you will also be able to fight with each of the characters in over 7 different environments. You will move around the globe in order to prove your combat dominance
  • You will also be able to learn full sets of moves including the special attacks, the unique ones for each character, the focused attacks, and also the combos (both super and ultra)
  • One of the best features of the game is that you can participate in the multiplayer mode. In this mode you will be able to go head to head with your friends or anyone else with the use of Bluetooth. This will help the game to feel even more like the arcade
  • There are some “boot camps” that you can play in that will help you turn into a combat master. There are five different lessons and each one of them is very in depth and will teach you certain moves and techniques
  • The control scheme is intuitive and can be fixed and customized just the way you want it so that you can’t use that as an excuse for why you aren’t beating anybody
  • You can also set the transparency levels and move the buttons anywhere on the screen that you would like to
  • There is an SP button that allows you to perform some pretty impressive super moves or you can turn it off and activate the combo manually through the control buttons
  • There are also four different difficulty levels that you can play in to challenge yourself


This is one of the very first true fighting games on the iPhone. Street Fighter has long been one of the most popular fighter franchises and this game brings it all back and adds some spruced up graphics. If you liked the old games then you are sure to love this one. It has some animated violence (obviously) and it has been developed by Capcom. This app has garnered a rating of 4 stars by thousands of users and it also can be bought off of the app market for $9.99.