Super 7 iPhone app Review


In the Super 7 iPhone app you will be able to combine a bunch of numbered discs to be able to create the number seven. It sounds really easy but it actually can be super complex once the game starts throwing negative numbers and multipliers in there. Use your finger to be able to draw lines between the discs and create your sevens. See how many you can make before you mess up!


  • This is one of those games that is super simple to just pick up and play and have a good time while doing it but at the same time if you truly want to master the game you are going to have to really practice and work hard at it in order to do so
  • As you play through the game and get better at it you will find that there are a lot of fun power ups that you can get that will help you make it easier to beat the levels
  • This app also has online leader boards attached to it so that you can see who the best players are in the world. This app runs these leader boards in real time and you will get updates as you are playing the game
  • There is both an automatic save as well as a manual save that you can use. The game will automatically save itself but if you want to save it then all you have to do is just press the home button to be able to do it manually
  • This game is also compatible with most apple products including the iPad. It supports the iPad an runs smoothly. It is a universal binary which means that you will be able to take it to the bigger screen and play it
  • Super 7 is also integrated with the OpenFeint technology. This way you will be able to look at the online leader boards whenever you would like to see how you measure up to all of the other players that are out there in the world and you can also unlock a variety of achievements along the way. This game has over 17 different achievements that you can unlock


This app has actually gotten pretty good ratings from people that have tried it out. You will see that it got a 4 1/2 star out of 5 star rating by critics and you can also download this app onto your iPhone for only $0.99.