Super Mega Worm iPhone app Review


In the Super Mega Worm iPhone app you will be able to help mother Earth get away from the horrible parasites (humans) that are threatening to destroy her very existence! Earth is about to die unless she can get rid of all the harmful things on the surface. As a method of last defense, she unleashes the Great death worm named Wojira. This death worm is on a total mission to kill and eat all of the humans hurting mother earth. You will have to crawl all over and eat hundreds and thousands of humans and robots in order to avoid certain destruction. You will be able to evolve and grow as you play until you become the ultimate destroyer. It is up to you to save the world an be the last line of defense!


  • This is a pretty cool app that is very retro. It will remind you of the games of old where you used to sit in your basement on your shag carpet and play your old NES system and pound on the controller
  • The gameplay is really intuitive and will keep you excited and having fun for hours on end. The game moves at a very rapid pace and would be considered fun and furious all at the exact same time
  • The other nice thing about this game is that there is so much variety and so many things for you to do. You will find that there are over 24 different levels that are included in the game and all of them are completely packed with action
  • As you play the game you will also find some super abilities that you can learn to make your character even more powerful. There are a total of 3 super abilities that you can find that are all very destructive
  • You will also come across other items in the game that help in other ways. For instance, you will come across twenty different kinds of things that you can eat that will be delicious to your character
  • The last part to mention is just the retro art that is found all over the game. It looks awesome and adds to the entire experience as you are playing it


This app has been given a 4 1/2 star out of 5 star rating by iPhone app users and you can download this app onto your mobile phone for not very much. It actually only costs $2.99.