Suzie’s Sushi House iPhone app Review


Suzie was just walking down the road one day and came across a sushi place. She instantly fell in love and decided that was going to be her new passion. She began to work towards owning a big sushi house of her own. Fast forward a decade into the future and Suzie has here own little sushi house. It’s a small one but it seems to be doing ok. In the Suzie’s Sushi House iPhone app as you help her live her dreams and become more popular, she might eventually take her sushi franchise all over the country. This is entirely up to you….


  • In this fun little organizational app you will be able to take Suzie’s Sushi House and use 19 different amazing recipes as you try to please the customers that come in the door
  • The game also includes a total of 31 different levels so you will have your work cut out for you as you try to make it big in the restaurant business
  • As you are working on creating great sushi, you will be able to use up to 12 different ingredients and each will be making a very unique and exciting form of sushi
  • Another thing you can look forward to in the game is the ability to get the 9 different achievements. They are very challenging so you will have to do your best to complete them
  • The other nice thing about the app is that there are some really great sound tracks that accompany each of the levels. There are a total of 9 original soundtracks that are all in high quality
  • There is a cool rating system using stars that you can use in order to help boost your overall scores
  • There is also a leader board that you can check out in order to compare your high scores with any friends and family that might be playing the game
  • There are a couple different difficulty levels that you can choose from including the easy and hard modes
  • The controls in this game are very intuitive and there is also a tutorial that you can watch in order to get some extra insight


This app has been given a pretty good rating and is currently sitting at a 3 1/2 out of 5 star rating by iPhone app users. You can also download and purchase it for a price of $0.99.