StopMotion Recorder iPhone app Review

Description: The StopMotion Recorder iPhone app is a really cool way to bring live animations to life just like you’ve seen on other claymations that are out there. Features: One of the cool features of this app is the amazing speed at which the videos will render. You can also use the loop and reverse […]

Pro HDR iPhone app Review

Description: The Pro HDR iPhone app allows you to make a photo into a high dynamic range picture in no time. Features: One of the really cool features that you will find located within this app is that it has an automatic HDR capture that is right inside of the app. All you have to […]

AutoStitch Panorama iPhone app Review

Description: In the AutoStitch Panorama iPhone app you will be able to take a variety of pictures that are related to a single location and you can then stitch them together to create a large panoramic view. You can have as little as two picture and as high as thirty pictures all strung together. You […]