Adobe AIR Android app Review

Description: Developers are using Adobe AIR Android app to help them create some pretty incredible new apps. This helps them to have more storage space, to make more quality apps and games, and also to transfer them across platforms. This is the next generation of apps so it is important to get it on your […]

Kik Messenger Android app Review

Description: The Kik Messenger Android app takes after the blackberry messenger and lets you see when other people have read your message. Features: The best part about this messaging app is that it is completely free. This is a cool messenger that takes after the cross platform BlackBerry Messenger The setup for installing and putting […]

Week Calendar iPhone app Review

Description: You can use the Week Calendar iPhone app to see your entire week and to help you get really organized to better fulfill all of your different appointments going on each week. Features: There are a ton of different features for this organization app to help you to get your life in order and […]

Flashlight LED – Pro iPhone app Review

Description: The Flashlight LED – Pro iPhone app is one of the very most popular flashlights out on the iPhone market. One of the reasons why it is so good is because it uses just about everything possible in order to light up your path. You can use the LED flash of the camera plus […]

Amazing 3D Wallpapers iPhone app Review

Description: In the Amazing 3D Wallpapers iPhone app you will get a chance to see a variety of really cool wallpapers right at the tip of your fingers. Once you have paid for the app and installed it onto your iPhone then you can download as many wallpapers as you want for free. This one […]

Advanced Task Killer Android app Review

Description: The Advanced Task Killer Android app allows you to take control of your mobile phone and make sure that your phone isn’t working too hard. The Android allows you to multitask but it doesn’t always do so efficiently. Many times if you open up an app and then quickly leave it to do something […]

xScope Browser Android app Review

Description: You can’t have a smartphone without a smart browser. One of the main features of having a smartphone is being able to cruise around the internet and look up your favorite sites and have access to information no matter where you are. With the xScope Browser Android app you will not only get a […]