Talking Harry the Hedgehog iPhone app Review


In the Talking Harry the Hedgehog iPhone app you will be able to interact with a very bored and tired little hedgehog that doesn’t have much interest in what you are saying. If you decide to give him an energy drink though you will see him spruce right up and either become a trained karate master or a sci-fi dodger of bullets. Harry will actually say back everything that you say to him. He will do it in a bored voice unless he has had an energy drink first and then he becomes very talkative.


  • This game is all about getting a reaction out of your little groundhog friend. You will be able to talk to Harry the Hedgehog and then have him repeat everything back to you in the most bored voice you can think of
  • If you want to really get Harry going then all you need to do is just give him one of the energy drinks that is on the screen. If you give him the blue energy drink then you will be able to see him turn into a karate master who can’t be touched!
  • If you decide to opt for the other energy drink and you end up giving him the red one then you will see that he will get a little edgy and go into the bullet dodge mode
  • Once he turns into either one of these characters from drinking the red and blue energy drinks then you should see what happens when you try to talk to him or when you try to touch him on the screen
  • One of the cool things that you can do with this app is that if you have a really funny session with Harry then you can take a video of it and record it to watch it later. You can save these videos in your library and then send them to friends as an MMS or you can even upload them to Facebook or onto Youtube. If nothing else you can at least email them to the people you know


Who doesn’t like a talking Hedgehog? This is a pretty fun app because you will be able to manipulate the hedgehog depending on what you give to him. He’s naturally pretty bored and uninviting until you give him an energy drink and then he transforms into something completely different! You can record the funny videos once you capture them and then share them with friends and family.

This app has been given pretty good ratings and is currently sitting at a rating of 4 out of 5 stars by multiple reviewers. You can also download this app onto your phone for the price of $0.99.