Talking Larry the Bird iPhone app Review


Pick up the Talking Larry the Bird iPhone app and you won’t want to put it down anytime soon. In this app you will have a few different actions that you can perform. You can play on the keyboard and here Larry sing a little tune. Not only that, you can actually talk right into the phone and have Larry repeat back everything that you have just said to him. You can also use the little buttons on the right side of the screen to either poke him in his chest or on his head, to feed him some bird seed, or you can strike him with lightning to keep him on top of his game. You can also applaud him and watch him bow to his fans.


  • The basic jist of this app is really very simple. You just have to play on the piano keyboard and you can hear Larry the Bird whistle along with you as you play
  • The other part of the app is that you just have to talk into the phone and Larry will repeat back everything that you have already said. It is pretty funny to hear him repeat your words in his comical little voice
  • You can also poke Larry as many times as you would like and you can poke him in his head or his body and make him squirm. Watch how he reacts as you pull stunts like these
  • If you are feeling charitable and nice then you can also feed Larry occasionally. Give him some seeds to eat and he will love you and show some real affection for his iPhone friend
  • If he makes you mad with things that he says or even if he just looks at you the wrong way then you can actually strike him with lightning. That is sure to teach him to mess with you
  • There is also a button on the screen that you can press that will allow you to make applause happen. Watch him as he bows to his audience because they appreciate his tricks and his sweet voice
  • You can even record videos that you take of Larry the bird and then you can take those funny little videos and just upload them right onto either YouTube or Facebook. You can also send them to friends and family over email
  • Talking Larry is actually the third character in a set of the Talking Friends series. He is by far the funniest and the most clever.


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars and you can download it onto your iPhone for only $1.99. A little more expensive than other simple apps like this, but the graphics and entertainment value of this app is a lot higher than others are.