Tank Ace 1944 Android app Review


In the Tank Ace 1944 app you will be able to control a big military tank as you go around around destroy your enemies and try to take over the capitol.


  • In this game you will be able to take command of a tank during the World War II era and try and kill all of your enemy tanks in order to advance and try to ultimately overthrow the capitol of the enemy
  • You can play as one of three different groups. You can either be the allied forces, the soviet forces, or the German forces
  • The different tanks that you can play as include the Sherman, the Tiger, and also the T34 Tank. All of these have big turrets that are movable as well as a cannon to fire from
  • While you are playing you will have to capture enemy trucks and convoys that have extra armor, fuel, and ammunition otherwise you will never have enough to kill your enemies
  • You can also destroy huge parts of the level. The entire game is in three dimensions which is a pretty cool feature
  • There are also three different difficulty levels that you can play in to be able to match your skill set


This game is an action packed old school three dimensional war game where you get to control a big tank and blow stuff up. Although the premise of the game sounds pretty cool, this game kind of fails to deliver any kind of lasting effect on anyone that plays it. The main gripes with this app are that the controls are all on-screen and they can get quite cumbersome. You will find yourself spending a great amount of time trying to get used to them. Also, the missions in the game are all but impossible because of how they are set up. Some levels you have like seven different tanks to kill but you are only given four rounds to do it with. Sometimes this limited ammunition will just fire off at random even though you didn’t shoot it. Also, you have a huge disadvantage over other tanks because they can climb over mountains while you can barely get up a hill. There is also a page turn effect that happens when terrain gets in the way of the camera on the screen. There are just a lot of poorly done features in this game that could have been polished and fixed to make this a much better action game for people who enjoy this genre.

This app has been rated by multiple Android users and has been given a rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars by critics. The app can be downloaded for free off of the Android app market or you can upgrade to the pro version which costs $4.99.