Tapatalk Forum iPhone app Review


The Tapatalk Forum iPhone app is a great way for you to be able to get on thousands of different forums online and communicate and connect with people over them. You can also send people private messages and even get pictures and upload them on the forums if you would like to.


  • One of the best parts about this app is that you can have access to so many different forums online. You will see that the app actually supports over 4000 different forums and there are over a thousand new forums that are added each and every month throughout the year. That is a ton of forums to look at each month!
  • The app has what is called “multiple forum systems support” which means that every single single purchase that you get will likely be able to be used in multiple forums that you are trying to get into. This is great for swapping purchased items between your favorite forums
  • Another cool thing that this app does is that it actually supports multiple accounts. That means you can actually access the exact same forum as being different users each time. This can make for a fun and exciting forum experience as you change between different personas
  • While this app can be viewed in a small screen mode you need to know that this app also has a full screen image support so that you can view it large and in a way that is much easier to read and to use interactively
  • You can also upload images if you want. This app has the ability to do it so if you are in a forum where you want to make a point or add some extra detail then you can just go ahead and upload a photo on there for everybody to see
  • With each of the forums and the message boards that you are able to post on, it is also a good idea to use the private messaging. The app supports it and allows you to have more private conversations with people if you would like to
  • There are a lot of other features that you will be able to access once you purchase and download the app!


This app has been given average ratings from the users that have tried it out. It currently is sitting at a 3 star out of a 5 star rating on the iTunes app website. You can download this little social networking app for only $2.99.