Tempo Magic Pro iPhone app Review


The Tempo Magic Pro iPhone app is a great way to take any song or playlist that has a slower BPM and to turn it up so that it perfectly complements any workout routine!


  • One of the coolest features that is located on this app is the ability you have to run the BPM to a higher speed without ruining the pitch of the song
  • Another neat feature that comes along with this five dollar app is that you will be able to play all of your audio files protected or not straight from your iPod library
  • If you are currently listening to a song and you would like to up the tempo to help it better fit your workout then you can do this at any time
  • One of the other cool things this app can do is take all of your playlists and songs that have different tempos and make it all fit into one tempo of your choice. This is called the BPM lock mode
  • There is a playback feature that has absolutely no gaps in it
  • You also have great control over the shift so that you can either slow the song down or raise it up by almost 25%
  • This app is also great for music multitasking. This means that you will be able to play it perfectly in the background while you do other things
  • This app is also compatible with top workout accessories like Bluetooth Audio as well as Nike +
  • The retina display on the iPhone 4 does a great job of making this app look stunning


This app is great because it can help you turn any workout into the perfect workout by creating the best soundtrack possible. If you get great songs that have really high energy and fast beats, it can help you up your game and work yourself harder. This is a great way to take all of your favorite songs out there and up their tempo so that they match your feet while you are running or help you to pedal on your bike and keep up your pace. Pretty genius idea for a music app on the iPhone.

This game has been given an overall rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by iPhone app users that have already tried it out. The game is a little pricier than most and runs at around $4.99 to be able to purchase and download.