Texas Poker iPhone

Texas Poker iPhone let’s you play with online players not just with a CPU. The first impression that I got at the first view of the application was a really good one. Why? It has a lot of players online. According to me that’s a big plus, who would like a poker game with just a few people that he can play with?

If there are many players you get hooked right away. You can join a table, if you are not satisfied with how your game goes, quit the current table and join another one! Another plus was that this game lets you view other players’ profiles and see what their skills are like and then you know how to take your chances at a table.

Your profile has your nickname, your picture, your cash and your level. You aren’t obligated to create an account, having the liberty to play as a guest. The Texas Poker app has top-notch graphics, and it is such a joy to navigate around the game smoothly. If you take too long to make a move, the device vibrates to remind you to hurry.

Buying chips is fuss-free with the fake money that we can earn. The game also allows us to add friends to play it together, and we can do poker-talk on it using the chat feature. We can see our friends when they are online, and get a game going. The Help button is the right on the main screen is if we need any help getting the hang of the game.