Texting of the Bread iPhone app Review


The Texting of the Bread iPhone app has done an amazing job of bringing together the world of action and the world of texting together into one! You will be able to try and stop the evil scientist from carrying out his plans of world domination. He has a horde of gingerbread men that are literally zombies in form and mind. You will have to use your texting skills to be able to destroy these gingerbread fiends and make them disintegrate with the help of your cow and milk gun. You will love how much there is to do in this game and you will find that there are hours and hours of gameplay that you can take part in. There are also a couple different game modes including the story mode as well as an endless mode where you will have to see how long you can survive before the delicious enemies finally get to you. As you progress in the game you will be able to unlock the secrets of the game and as you do this will just add to the hours of fun that you will have while playing it.


  • This game has three different game modes that you can play in. This includes the arcade mode, the freeplay mode, and also the survival mode where you try and stay alive for as long as possible
  • There are ton of different levels in this game for you to play in. Over 75 levels as you are trying to get through them and kill all of your enemies. Takes about 10 hours to get through the first time
  • You will love all of the different secrets and easter eggs that are available in the game. As you unlock secrets you will also add extra gameplay elements that will increase the replay value
  • There is also a way to integrate the game with Facebook as well as some leader boards so you can see where you rank among the best texters on the planet
  • There are also a lot of free updates that are coming that will let you play with new characters and fight new bad guys as well


Gingerbread zombies and milk and cow guns? Sounds like a winner to me. This is actually a pretty fun and interesting game and is worth looking into.

This app has been given some pretty good ratings and you can download it for only $1.99 off of the iPhone app store. The game is currently rated at 4 1/2 stars out of a 5 star rating and is very unique.