TextNow iPhone app Review


Do you wish you could text as much as you wanted but realize that your service only allows you to send a certain amount without charging you an arm and a leg? Well with the TextNow iPhone app you can text your friends and family as much as you want for a very small price.

The TextNow iPhone app allows you to send texts to any iPod Touch or any other kind of mobile phone. You have unlimited texting capabilities as well as a few other important features. You can download pictures from social networking sites and even customize your entire texting experience. Choose from a variety of different themes, colors, sounds, and pictures in order to create your perfect messaging zone.

This really is one of the most effective, and most economical, ways to enjoy unlimited texting with your peers. You don’t have to worry about huge monthly charges, or costly additional charges when you accidentally go over your limit. For a small yearly fee or lifetime fee you can text at will for as long as you want. The app is connected to the internet but also allows for you to be able to read texts when you are not online.


  • There are a variety of different emoticons that you can use to spice up your texts
  • It allows you to have any ringtone of your choice to signify a notification
  • You can choose any background you would like, including color and font
  • You will have your own TextNow address @textnow.me
  • The app has an assortment of different themes you can choose from
  • There is a horizontal keyboard that you can use
  • This iPhone app will work with EDGE, WiFi, or any 3G connection
  • Is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch
  • It saves your text messages so that you can view them offline as well
  • Has the ability to have the Google Voice integration support (check online for options)
  • Is one of the most reliable and fastest texting applications out there for the iPhone
  • You can also download photos from Facebook and other social networking sites
  • Free version of the app can be downloaded under TextNow Lite, includes 3 months worth of service
  • Otherwise it is $3.99 for a single year, and $7.99 for a lifetime subscription


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently runs for $0.99. There is also a free download of the app under the name TextNow Lite.