Titanic Rescue iPhone app Review


The cartoon ship, “The Titanic”, is in trouble and you are the only one that can help save it! You must use your sharp wit and quick fingers to target the passengers who are trying to escape and flick them off the screen and into safety. This is a rescue operation that is not for the faint of heart. It is up to you to save as many passengers as you can before the ship goes down. You can use an assortment of items such as the lifeboats and the floating devices. You have to be careful that the passengers in the lifeboats don’t bump into the ship or they can get sucked under. Also, you will have to avoid sacks, boats of musicians, and many other obstacles in order to save them all.

The Titanic Rescue iPhone app is actually a pretty fun game that utilizes the touch screen capabilities of the phone and will also test you to find the best method to save all of the passengers. The only real problem with this app is it’s controversial nature of reliving a tragic event in history where a lot of people died. In reality, though, there are hundreds of games made about the World Wars which were just as tragic if not much more. If you can embrace the light nature of this app then you will have a blast saving as many passengers as is in your power!


  • One of the main features of this game is its ability to make light of a horribly tragic situation that happened in American history
  • The ship is very interactive and the graphics are fun and exciting to play with
  • You will have to flick passengers off of the screen in order to save them from their inevitable death in the water below
  • The control scheme is extremely simple and you will pick up the gameplay in no time
  • There is iTunes support on the app so that you can actually just play your own music and the app will mute it’s original soundtrack. You have the option to decide what you want to do with the sound effects. You can either leave them running or you can mute them as well
  • There is also a global leader board that you can check online. The board has been thoroughly scanned to weed out the cheated scores that may be on there
  • You can also check local scores to see how well you are doing in your own general area


Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and currently can be downloaded for $0.99.