Uface iPhone app Review


The Uface iPhone app is a great way to take a page out of your creative side and create some really fun and unique characters. It is extremely easy to use and only requires that you use a single finger to pick items and attributes that your character will have. You can make funny faces, angry faces, sad faces, or happy faces. You can change their hair style, their accessories, and hundreds of other things to make some very unique combinations.

Once you have created your character you can share it with your friends on social networking sites, through your photo album, or even on Twitter. You can apply these photos to profile pictures so that they come up every time that your friend or family member calls you. If you are just bored an you want to see some funny characters then all you have to do is click on the random character button in order to create an entirely random character drawing each time. You will love how creative you can be with the Uface iPhone app.


  • The interface on this game is extremely simple to use and and you will pick it up in no time at all
  • You can create your characters however you would like. There are over 330 different items that you can use for both male and female characters
  • The amount of combinations you can put together with the items makes it so that no two characters ever have to be alike
  • Once you have established an item you can change it’s position whenever you would like
  • There are sub items that you can choose to make different backgrounds, different emotions, and even different situations
  • If you want you can even pick the feature to just create a completely random character for you to mess with
  • The characters are all natural and feel like they have been hand drawn by a professional artist
  • If you create a character that you really like then you can upload them onto your favorite social networking site like Facebook or Twitter
  • Once you have saved an image you also have the ability to edit the picture and to fix any parts of it that you want to
  • After you have created a few different characters you can add them to your contact profile or to your photo album to share them with your friends and family


Voted 3 1/2 stars by iPhone app users and currently costs $1.99 to download.