Ultimate Fighting Championship iPhone app Review


The Ultimate Fighting Championship iPhone app is the best way to stay in touch with all of your favorite UFC events, fighters, and news. This little app has all kinds of videos that feature highlights, fighters, Octagon Girls, and much more. If you love mixed martial arts then this app is a must-have.


  • This Ultimate Fighting Championship app for the iPhone has a variety of different features that you will enjoy sorting through in order to make the most out of this mixed martial arts app
  • There are highlights that you can watch on the app of past fights that have occurred. You can get on demand and other video stories (as well as text- based news and stories) that are focused around different fighters, events, news, weigh-ins, and even fighter interviews. Highlights of anything that has to do with the UFC
  • There is a large schedule that will show you all of the events that are coming up soon on the pay-per-view channels for UFC. You will be able to purchase any of these events through the app if you decide that it is something that you really want to see
  • There are even options to watch events and fights LIVE. You will have to purchase the event from the app and then pay a little bit extra in order to watch the fights live
  • There is a little section at the bottom of the app that will show you all of the navigation options that are available. These include Live Fights, Highlights, Events, Octagon Girls, and the About page
  • The Octagon Girls tab allows you to see information and pictures of all of the hottest Octagon girls that are a part of the UFC fighting league
  • The About page will tell you a little bit more about the app and about the UFC as a whole. That way you can have a better background on what it is all about


Mixed Martial arts is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet and you will have the ability to stay in touch with many of the world’s top fighters through the use of this UFC app. The video highlights and pay per view options are nice so that you can get all of the latest fights streamed right to your phone for your viewing pleasure.

This little fighting app has been voted 3 stars by those that have downloaded it and tried it out. This app is also available for only $0.99 so it is one of those apps that you can download without feeling like you got royally ripped off if you end up not liking it.