Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic iPhone app Review


In order to make the most of your virtual piano get the Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic iPhone app and you will have a piano app that is loaded with features.


  • This app has all kinds of really helpful features that will make you feel like you are really playing the piano. One of these features is that of a master tuning option to help you make sure that your virtual piano sounds correct
  • There is also a lot of sound that has been formatted from other real instruments. You will be able to use over 7 octaves of sound that was sampled from a real concert grand piano
  • There are a couple of different modes that are also included on the app. You can either use the soft una corda or you can use the sustain mode to damper the sampled sounds that have been recorded separately
  • The keyboard size on the app is also open to customization. You can actually decide how big you wan the keyboard size to be and it will actually go up to four octaves
  • There is also a metronome that is built into the app as well to help you keep time. The metronome is also very advanced and will help you to keep tempo on all of the songs that you learn how to play
  • Another really cool feature that is included in the app is the ability to have an automatic tempo conversion. This helps to convert any song into something that is easier for you to play
  • There is also a section of this app that has been formatted just for the iPad. You can use it to be able to play but you can’t do it in silent mode while on the iPad
  • There are also some really cool labels for the keys which will include a certain type of color indication. There is also some universal nomenclature involved as well
  • If you want, you can also record all of your songs and then save them and play them back at any time. You can also customize the project names into whatever is most useful to you
  • There are also some overdubing features that can be accessed to help you fiddle with some of the more complex recordings that are available on the app
  • You can play chords that involve as many as five different fingers. This gives you a wide variety of harmony
  • In order to roll the keys on the virtual piano you will want to just slide the keys with your fingers


This app has been given pretty decent ratings from multiple iPhone app users and currently is sitting at a 3 1/2 star out of 5 star rating system. You can also download this app onto your mobile phone for only $0.99.