Vivv Video and Photo Effects for iPhone

VivvIf you’re a shutterbug or otherwise addicted to a photo or video-based social network, Vivv is going to be a big weapon in your arsenal. There are countless video and photo filter apps on the market and many other apps are starting to incorporate filters that never before had filter options. What sets Vivv apart from the rest is two-fold.

First, with Vivv, you’re able to shoot photos and videos with the filter on, as opposed to having to shoot and go into Vivv just to edit. There are a few other apps out there that offer you this feature, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as elegant, clean and easy-to-use as Vivv. The quality of the app itself stands right out on the first open. If you have ever noticed the difference between a “no-name” app and a big-time successful app, one major difference is the quality of the interface. Using Vivv, you feel like you’re using a top-end app– and for good reason. As it turns out, the very forefathers of the Internet, AOL, are the makers of Vivv. It won’t feel like a low-budget affair, you’ll find this when using the app for yourself.

The next wonderful characteristic of Vivv that really gives it a charm all of its own is its ability to highlight a specific color out of your frame and make everything else turn greyscale. Now you can give your photos and videos a truly professional flair. This is not to mention the fact that you’re going to set yourself apart from 90% of the other people on social networks, all doing their media editing right within each app.

Definitely not worth overlooking, is Vivv’s capability to shoot video and photos right in the app itself, as opposed to many of their competitors making you shoot in the iPhone’s traditional camera, and then go into the filter app and load the content to then apply the filter. Vivv saw past this extra step and decided to streamline the effort for you. However, while this is a nice feature, it would also be nice if they let you import and edit content there as well. Perhaps it’s simply a strategic move on the part of Vivv to encourage users to do all of the content creation on their platform or maybe that’s just a feature they plan on rolling out in the future. Regardless of this one minor compromise, and considering that Vivv is a free download in the iTunes app store, you don’t have a lot of reasons to overlook it.

Even if you don’t have grand aspirations to be a famous photographer or notorious director, Vivv makes documenting memories and experiences all that much more fun for you. Forget the same old filters and features of your standard camera, now you have Vivv.

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