Walmart iPhone app Review


Walmart is steadily growing bigger and bigger everywhere you go. You can’t go to an established city in America and not find a Walmart somewhere nearby. Their prices are usually lower than any of their competitors and you can find almost any item you could think of within their doors. To make your shopping experience a bit quicker and more hassle free, the Walmart iPhone app has been created. With this little shopping app you can find all of your favorite items before you even go into the store. You can use the Electronics Finder and also other search features that have been included to find all of the name brands and specific items that you are looking for.

The navigation on the app is really simple On the front page you can either use the search function to look through or you can look up different stores throughout the country with the store finder. The last option is the electronics finder to find individual items. Once you decide which option you would like you go ahead and tap it and go through the steps to find what it is that you are looking for. Download the Walmart iPhone app today and make shopping easier and more enjoyable!


  • With this app you will be able to search and look at all of the products that they have available at any of their stores
  • You can use the Electronics Finder option to find different electronics that are available that you might be interested in purchasing
  • Using the camera on your phone you can actually test a variety of TVs of different sizes. This is so you can know if it is the right fit for your room
  • Full integration of so that you can browse through products at your own leisure and pace
  • There is a store finder button that you can push in order to find out where all of the stores in your area are located
  • This app is also connected to social networking sites like Facebook so that you can share products with your friends and family. You can also use the email function to send these deals to people as well
  • If you find products that you really like that you want to come back to later then you can bookmark them for future reference


Voted 3 stars by iPhone app users and is completely free to download on the app market.