Warship: Flight Deck Jam iPhone app Review


In the Warship: Flight Deck Jam iPhone app you will be stuck right in the middle of a huge war. You are on a mission to try and protect the warship that is carrying all of your major supplies including the aircraft, the tanks, the missiles, and even the rocket launchers. The flight deck is blocked so you can’t take off. you are going to have to use your instincts and your strategem to be able to clear off the deck so that your jet fighter can get out there and save the base from the oncoming enemy fleet.

There are two main modes, the relax mode and the challenge mode. The relax mode lets you have a chopper to protect the shimp while you are clearing the deck but the challenge mode forces you to clear the area within th target time without a chopper.


  • This game has a variety of different gameplay modes that you can try out. You can play between two main modes. This involves the Relax mode and also the challenge mode
  • This game also has a ton of variety in actual levels. As you play the game you will see that there are over 4000 unique levels that you can play in and you will find it extremely fun and addicting
  • You will also enjoy the differing levels of difficulty that this game offers. You will be able to toggle between hard and easy levels and you can play the ones that match your skill level
  • One other thing that is nice about this game is that you can actually record the time on each of the levels as well as what moves you are making. This way you can see how you are doing on each of the levels in both of the modes
  • The game is highly addictive and you will find yourself playing for hours on end
  • There are also a bunch of settings that you can toggle through and change including a way to control and adjust the volume for each of the different components that are found inside of the game
  • You will love the themes in the game as well. The main theme is of the Navy Warship and it is wonderful to look at and admire
  • You don’t have to go throughout the game unlocking levels. This is great because they are all made available and you can play any level that you choose to
  • If you have to get off of the phone quickly because of a phone call or a text message then you can just resume play wherever you last left off. Or you can resume from the last played level


This app has been given a 3 1/2 star out of 5 star rating by users and critics that have been able to thoroughly play and go through the app. You can also download this game onto your iPhone for only $0.99.