What the Doodle!?- Android Apps Review

Description What the Doodle App:

What the Doodle!? is an Android app that gives you real-time gameplay. This multiplayer online draw-guess game is like having Pictionary on your Android device. There are a variety of game modes, including private games, personal face doodles, integrated voice recognition, high scores and many others. We know you love charades, and this way you can take it anywhere. The online multiplayer feature allows you to play with your friends, no matter where they are. This is a great game app that provides addictive, creative fun. What the Doodle!? was an overall winner of the second Android Developer Challenge by Google because of its creative fun that can be happily addictive. Similar to Pictionary, a word is given to you to doodle or draw. Others try to guess your word, and then you try to guess what the other people are drawing.

Just like in Pictionary, you want your drawing to be easy to guess and you can’t write the keyword. Points are awarded if you succeed in guessing other player’s drawings, but will be deducted if the other players don’t guess your keyword. Just like in the live game, you have the fun uncertainty of having other players involved – you never know how well the others draw and doodle or how quickly they will guess your word. The game can help detect cheating, and will pop up an alert asking each player whether you suspect another player of cheating. If the majority of players confirm it, the game will boot the player. This way, you can keep the game play fair, which makes it much more fun. What a great game app!


  • Easy, addictive game play
  • Creative game play
  • Online, multiplayer feature
  • Variety of game options
  • Lots of game levels
  • You can ‘Accuse’ people of cheating and boot those not playing fair.
  • Ability to Clear the screen and start over on your drawing
  • Simple drawing controls


What the Doodle!? is a game app that is full of creative, addictive fun. It features lots of game modes. Because it allows for online, multiplayer games, there can be a lag-time of 5 – 10 seconds, but this is not a problem with the app – it is merely a function of the variety of connection speeds by other online players. If you have ever enjoyed playing charades or the popular game of Pictionary, you will quickly enjoy this Android app.


This app is rated 4 + stars by Android users and is currently FREE.