Who Threw Poo iPhone app Review


You’ve been bullied for long enough. The only way to really get back at the neighborhood bully and embarrass him is to take your dog’s poop and throw it at him and hit him right in the face. Do what you can to send your neighbors packing with a good poo fling!


  • One of the funnest things about this simple little app is that you will have the opportunity to throw all kinds of different items at the bullies next door. You will be able to throw dozens of items including bricks, footballs, poop, ornaments from the yard, tires, and pretty much anything else you can find laying around in the back yard
  • Even the poo that is in the game has been customized quite a bit. You will be able to throw little pieces of poo, huge pieces of poop, stinky poops, or even little bird poo that you find. Once you come across some poo you can’t help but chuck it!
  • There are also as few different characters that you can choose to be in the game. There are actually five characters total and each of them have their own personality and will give you an entirely unique experience
  • Last of all, you will be able to start your adventure in the trailer park and then you can work up through that dingy trailer all the way until you have an actual home in the nice suburbs of the city


In light of all of the weird and unconventional apps out there comes the “Who Threw Poo” iPhone app. In this app you will have the opportunity to get back at that jerk of a bully that lives next door. Not only will you have tons of poo to fling, you will also be able to throw a variety of other items including footballs, bricks, and anything else you can find. You will also be able to pick from a few different characters as well as work your way up from the little trailer in your trailer park to a real house in the suburbs! If you’ve ever wanted to throw poo on somebody without having a mess on your hands, then this is the only way to do it!

This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars and has been rated by almost 500 different users. This app can also be downloaded onto your iPhone for a price of $0.99.