Wig It iPhone app Review


In the Wig It iPhone app you will be able to take any pictures that you like and then you can try on over 100 different wigs and see which ones look best on the pictures of the people that you have put up. This allows you to have endless hours of fun as you put wigs on all of your friends and family that you have pictures of. Some of the wigs are pink, while others might be bright orange and spiky. You will love the variety that this app has to offer and you will find that it is hard to break away from it. Enjoy this picture editing and play whenever you get a few minutes of spare time inbetween class or work.


  • The main feature of this app is that you can pick from a ton of different wigs and hairstyles to be able to dress up your victims in your pictures. There are over 100 different styles to choose from
  • You will find that there are styles on the app that are for men, for women, and also unisex hair styles. This way you have quite the arsenal at your disposal to really dress people up
  • You can either take a picture with your camera phone right on the spot and then start adding wigs or you can use a picture that has already been downloaded onto your photo album
  • While you are editing the picture you can also adjust the size of the picture and the rotation of it as well. There are a few different customization options that you can mess with
  • You can also customize and personalize how big you want the wigs to be. You can make them larger or smaller depending on how large the image is that you are trying to dress up
  • Once you have created a few different pictures you can then share them with your friends and family by emailing them the completed pictures so that they can get a laugh off of it
  • You can also save the pictures so that they are always on your photo album and you can go back through all of them every time that you need a good laugh
  • You can also upload your photos right onto Facebook for the whole world to see what you have created


This app has been given a rating of 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars by a few different users and critics that have downloaded the app and actually played it and tried it out for a little while. This app can also be downloaded onto your mobile device for only $0.99.