William Tale iPhone app Review


In the William Tale iPhone app you will get to experience the adrenaline junkie hobbies of the middle ages! You can participate in three different games within the app including the Farm Defense where you will have to shoot boars and birds, the Apple Shooter where you will shoot down as many apples as you can, and also the Apple or Head minigame where you have to hit the apple but spare your friend’s head.


  • This is a simple game but it is surprisingly addictive. You will love the control scheme and how fun it is to shoot those dang apples
  • The way you play the game is very simple. In order to shoot your arrow you will need to to tap the screen and hold down. This will let you angle your shot and also lets you see how powerful it will be
  • There are also three different mini games that are available in the app. You can either play the “Apple or Head?” game, the “Apple Shooter” game, or the “Farm Defense” game.
  • In the Apple or Head minigame you will have to see just how accurate a shot you are as you shoot an apple that is on top of the head of one of your friends. If you are off by just a little bit you might have one less friend
  • The Apple Shooter game lets you just shoot apples over and over again without ever having to worry about running out of arrows. The point of this game is to shoot a many apples as you can
  • The last game is the Farm Defense minigame where you will have to protect your farm from wild animals. You will have to take out birds and boars who are trying to steal the grain in your farm
  • This game is also connected and integrated with OpenFeint so that you will will have a lot of different achievements to try and collect as you play the games
  • There are also some leaderboards that you will be able to check out. There are three global leaderboards and then there are a total of 10 different achievements that you will have to unlock inside of the game


This is a fun little app that has been developed by Nebula Soft. It is essentially an apple shooter game and the controls are neat and easy to use. The gameplay is smooth and you will find you will get addicted to it. This app has been given a rating of 3 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and currently can be downloaded for $0.99.